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I never thought I would miss you so much.

I never thought I would miss you so much. I mean, you’re just my best friend. Nothing more, nothing less. But why does it hurt so much?

At first, I thought it was nothing. It’s just a little crush and I will be over it but I guess wrong. I never thought I would fall for you. You saw it coming, don’t you? But you didn’t do a thing. And you left me there, my heart shattered.

Days passed. I don’t see you anymore. I miss you. I miss you so much. Maybe this is the right thing for both of us. To not see each other again.

I didn’t see this coming. All of the firsts we’ve done together, all the joyrides and the trips to the police station. I will never forget that. I’ve heard you got a girl now. Even if you don’t see me as your girlĀ  best friend, don’t you worry. I will forever love you. Even if you don’t.